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Buymegifts.com is an online wish list maker website that helps you to connect with your friends, family and others by sharing your wish list with them. Make them gift you things that you appreciate and like rather than wasteful gifts that you dump in a corner or give away to someone else. Everyone who gives you a gift wants you to like it. Is it not better that you guide them in this effort.

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Create your own wish list and share with your all friends and show that you care for what they gift you; that you plan to make the best of the gift that they give you; and make a silent promise that you will not pass it on or discard it behind their backs.

Encourage your friends to do the same. Tell them you want a little help in planning your gift. Tell them you simply want them to love your gift and not just give a fake smile. Friends and family thrive on true and open understanding.

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