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What is a wishlist?

Buy me Gifts will help you collect, organize and keep track of the things you want. It also lets you share the list of those things with friends and family. So if someone is planning to gift you something they know where to find your choice and be guided by it. The gift will still be a surprise as you do not know who has decided to give you what even though you may get information about someone booking a gift from your list so that you may not rush into buying a gift.

How to create my Wishlist?

Register your name, write what you need and put the link or picture or price of the items that you wish to own in the future. You can then share this wishlist with your friends through Facebook or Twitter and even email, and let everyone know what you want. This way you are doing them a great favour. Remember all the time you have yourself spent worrying what to gift a friend or a member of your family.

How it works?

If you put something you want (eg: Phone, dresses, books, Movie collections), you simply create a wishlist of things you want and share with your friends, if your friends see your wishlist they can easily know your needs. They might be able to buy and give you what you want.

HELP your friends find a gift.

Create a wishlist. Share it with friends and family. Help them find a gift that you will cherish.

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