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House Warming Wishlist

Are you a new home owner? Do you want some gifts for your new home? Use this page, write your needs in this page. Create a wishlist, this may help your friends know your needs for your new home. Since its a new home you will need a lot of new things and at the same time you may wish to give away some stuff. In that case you should also prepare an offer list for your friends to see and choose as gifts ar at minimal rates.

House Warming Wishlist Ideas

Fresh Plants:

A new home, even before the furniture is arranged and the drapes are up, looks more welcoming with a live, flowering plant. Plants are better than fresh cut flowers, as they live longer and don't need as much maintenance.

Decorative Scented Candles:

Choose a color, choose a scent, and present a gift that will add comfort and a soothing atmosphere to an otherwise chaotic atmosphere. There's nothing like dimming the lights on a mess, lighting candles, and enjoying at least the illusion of order.

A Picture Frame:

For a casual home, choose wood, pewter, bamboo, or glass. For a more formal setting look for crystal or silver. Everyone has room for one more picture.

HELP your friends find a gift.

Create a wishlist. Share it with friends and family. Help them find a gift that you will cherish.

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