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Christmas Wishlist

Traditions for Christmas is children writing letters to Santa Claus about what gifts they like, they believe santa claus would give the gifts that they like. Similarly, you can also Create your wish list on this website and expect your family and friends to play SANTA. List all the gifts you would like to receive on Christmas day. This may help you get the best gifts on christmas day and not gifts that you feel like passing on to another unwilling recipient.

Christmas Wishlist Ideas


Truffles are wonderful at Christmas! Great to give as xmas gifts.

Christmas Trees:

Everybody loves the Christmas tree, ask for a decorated christmas tree.


We all love to dress for every occasion. All of them want to look special and add that unique touch and charm. Christmas party dresses, dress for Christmas Eve and you have an endless list...

Christmas Cards

HELP your friends find a gift.

Create a wishlist. Share it with friends and family. Help them find a gift that you will cherish.

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