Wishlist: What’s all the fuss about?


is a collection of desired products. It’s a simple tool. Whenever you find something that you would like to buy, you add it to the wishlist. This is the traditional concept of wishlist. But, as someone would realise, it can be a great tool for gifting.

Wishlist: Gift


That’s what we have done at BuyMeGifts.

We provide the users with a platform where they can create Wishlist for specific occasions. Not just that,the user can also share this wishlist with anyone and everyone. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you knew what you should gift to your friend. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just always get the gifts that you want. All this would make life pretty simple, right?
Well, it would be wonderful if something like this existed! Just a sec, this is exactly what what BuyMeGifts.com does.

Hate List & Offer List

Not just that, we went ahead a notch or two trying to provide even more innovative solution by introducing two very simple things: Hate List and Offer List. Wishlist is very useful, sure. But there are few people who never understand, right? So, for them we have the hatelist. In Hatelist you can add the products that you absolutely hate and wouldn’t want as gifts. Let’s just say that some ignorant person ignored your Hatelist too. There comes in the role of Offer List. Offer List consists of products that you received as gifts and don’t like them at all. Your Offer List serves as the shopping list for other members of BuyMeGifts.

Someone very normal once said:

Gifts are important. Never disappoint someone with a gift.

Thankfully we heard this saying and came up with BuyMeGifts. Signup today and create your wishlist. Encourage your friends and family to do the same. If we all know what the other wants, there never will be any disappointment. And life as they say, will be a happy journey!

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